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2011-08-04 10:06 pm
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It's that time of year again!

Time to submit Yaoicon panels and hope like hell Joyce isn't pissed at me after last year.

Comments, criticism and suggestion are all welcome. I'll be submitting these to YCon in a day or so.

What's a Nice Queer Like You Doing In a Fandom Like This? )

Yaoi Pre-Millenium )

The Limits of Online Fandom )

Culture Clash: Western Fandoms in a Japnese Milieu )
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2010-09-24 12:08 pm
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So after ranting yesterday (and thank you guys for bearing with me while I flailed like an epileptic rodent), I was calm enough to respond to the panel coordinator in a rational way. I explained that we would prefer a two hour time slot for Misogyny and Yaoi-- although, if she can only give us one hour, we'll deal-- and then I laid out my rationale for our other panel. The rationale was pretty much "MaY is about all of the problematic issues. Don't Call Me a Sidekick is about the leeeeerve."

Got an e-mail this morning saying that the coordinator had received more hours for panel programming (IDEK), and that she's pretty sure she can fulfill both my requests. At the very least, [profile] existance and I will be running all four panels, and we will likely get our two hours.

So, I think the lesson here is that new panel coordinators are n00bs. Or that whining on LJ makes you better able to articulate your points elsewhere. Something.
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2010-09-23 10:17 am
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Yaoicon, I hate you again >:(

So, I just got an e-mail back from the panel people. The Limits of Online Fandom and Yaoi Pre-Yaoicon are fine but:

a) they don't know if they'll have time to schedule me a two hour block for Misogyny and Yaoi, so they want to schedule me for only an hour


b) Apparently celebration of women in yaoi is a "subtopic for the Misogyny panel", so they denied it. Despite the fact that they're already cutting my Misogyny panel time in half. And the fact that talking about WHAT YOU LIKE is something entirely different from talking about problems.

Why did Isis have to retire? :(

Also, this means I'll have to go pick up a couple of volunteer hours to make up for the panels I'm not scheduled, if I want free admission next year. Triple fuckdamn.
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2010-09-04 12:31 pm
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On a completely DIFFERENT topic

My tickets to San Francisco for the Yaoicon season have been acquired! I will be coming in on Wednesday the 27th and leaving Wednesday, the 3rd. In between I will undoubtedly be going to Yaoicon, spending the rest of the time packing, going to restaurants, packing, eating street food, packing, and packing.

If anyone wants to hang out outside of Yaoicon. I am totally cool with making the time. ([profile] notrafficlights? You're not going to the con, right?)

Also, Iz and I have bid our panels for this year. No word on scheduling yet, but the panel descriptions are below.

(Internalized) Misogyny and Yaoi )

The Limits of Online Fandom )

Yaoi Pre-Yaoicon )

Don't Call Me A Sidekick: The Women of Yaoi )

As we did last year, we're asking for a two-hour time slot for the Misogyny panel-- although there's no guarantee we'll get it, two hours is definitely a better amount of time.

And, as always, if anyone has any comments, suggestions, questions or links that we can use to make the panels better or more well-rounded, they are appreciated.
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2010-08-31 10:26 pm


WTF WTF WTF WTF This is the first time in fucking YEARS I've been excited about a GoH at Yaoicon!

Of course, it's because he was the seiyuu for Treize MOTHERFUCKING Khushrenada and Brad GODDAMN Crawford. Which probably says something about how old I am and how little I give a fuck about current yaoi series, but STILL.

Scar from Full Metal Alchemist; Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach; Kunimitsu Tezuka from Prince of Tennis, FUCKING Katsuhiko Jinnai from El Hazard, Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket, Ranmaru Samejima from Kizuna, MISTA~ K from Gravitation, GODDAMN Tigers Eye from Sailor Moon SuperS HOLY CRAP I'M OLD, Dark Mousy from D.N.Angel, and Reever Wenhamm from D.Gray-man (whoever that is).

I am flailing SO HARD OMG TREIZE.

I am such a giant dweeb.