So, I just got an e-mail back from the panel people. The Limits of Online Fandom and Yaoi Pre-Yaoicon are fine but:

a) they don't know if they'll have time to schedule me a two hour block for Misogyny and Yaoi, so they want to schedule me for only an hour


b) Apparently celebration of women in yaoi is a "subtopic for the Misogyny panel", so they denied it. Despite the fact that they're already cutting my Misogyny panel time in half. And the fact that talking about WHAT YOU LIKE is something entirely different from talking about problems.

Why did Isis have to retire? :(

Also, this means I'll have to go pick up a couple of volunteer hours to make up for the panels I'm not scheduled, if I want free admission next year. Triple fuckdamn.
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From: [personal profile] gloss

Apparently celebration of women in yaoi is a "subtopic for the Misogyny panel"
There is something so revealing, so *awful*, about the assumptions that would make such a statement sound sensible. DAMN.
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Oh-KAY! I would bring it up at the panel. Politely. I mean frankly there is not a huge huge amount of interest in female characters as yaoi as they are by definition supporting cast--but it would have been fun to talk about the roles women play in yaoi that aren't "standing in the doorway with her mouth open freaking out because the guy she likes/her husband/her bf is doing it with another guy."

(In the old June mags, I swear there used to be at least one or two two-page spread of that in EVERY DAMN ISSUE.)
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From: [personal profile] muccamukk

Well, that's pretty shitty.

How is liking women a topic of misogyny? Isn't one thing the opposite from the other thing? WTF?

Is there any option for appeal?
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From: [personal profile] muccamukk

Oh, yeah. I remember that post.

They're similar in that they both mention women?

idk. Not seeing the subtopic issue.

From: (Anonymous)


Nice!It is getting to the point where a lot of the aristt that I listen to are found through other people. I very seldom listen to the radio stations in my hometown because there is no true musical diversity.


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