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([personal profile] sherlockian Sep. 24th, 2010 12:08 pm)
So after ranting yesterday (and thank you guys for bearing with me while I flailed like an epileptic rodent), I was calm enough to respond to the panel coordinator in a rational way. I explained that we would prefer a two hour time slot for Misogyny and Yaoi-- although, if she can only give us one hour, we'll deal-- and then I laid out my rationale for our other panel. The rationale was pretty much "MaY is about all of the problematic issues. Don't Call Me a Sidekick is about the leeeeerve."

Got an e-mail this morning saying that the coordinator had received more hours for panel programming (IDEK), and that she's pretty sure she can fulfill both my requests. At the very least, [profile] existance and I will be running all four panels, and we will likely get our two hours.

So, I think the lesson here is that new panel coordinators are n00bs. Or that whining on LJ makes you better able to articulate your points elsewhere. Something.
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From: [personal profile] tiferet

YAY! I've always found that whining on LJ helps me articulate things better for later. <3333

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