Hey, Dreamwidth, long time no see!

I offered to do a prize for [community profile] kink_bingo, so...

CONGRATULATIONS, [personal profile] issei!

In honor of your amazing accomplishment, I have podficced your Magic Kaito fic, Self.

Podfic can be found, listened to and/or downloaded on box.net [HERE]

Original fic can be found on [personal profile] issei's DW [HERE]

issei: Kaitou Kid from Detective Conan. (Kaitou Kid)

From: [personal profile] issei


Okay, this is the first time that anyone has ever recorded any of my fics, and this is really awesome~ Your voice is way way clearer than mine would ever be if I tried to do it, and it made me giggle so hard. This is. The best. Going on my MP3 player right now. Eeee.

(You even looked up the series creator. I do not have that much patience.)

Thank you so much~

From: (Anonymous)


Beard of Odin, this is SO MUCH AWESOME! I usually get to see what the cotbtirunors are up to, but it's rare I get a look at what other commenters do more posts, please! Nothing proper on the drawing table at the mo, but here's some sketches done up this week after reading an article on the latest fossil evidence for dinosaur colours (iridescence in Microraptor feathers, this time). I really don't know a damn thing about dino anatomy, but hopefully 'bird with lizard head' isn't too far off.


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