So, I'm labeling new books, so we can get them put on the shelf, and I came across a copy of David Rosenberg's The Book of David, which I guess is an exploration of David as a writer of the Bible? IDEK. What I do know is that someone (possibly the person who donated the book) decided to take the entire blank front page to write his or her notes. In pen.

It's funny enough that we decided to put the barcode label on the next page so the notes are unobstructed.

In case you're wondering just what is so important that one would write all over the frontpage of a book going to a library, here is the transcript (or as much of the terrible writing as I could make out.)

Where is the bibliography???

Way too polemical about all(?) other scholarship.

Attacks other scholars for their "misreading" of [unintelligible] but does not permit scholarly arguments to support his own position; instead he offers a populist narrative w/out[?] source refs to bolster his position.

Too much assumption given to the idea that "aboriginal people" were to be despised. However- the idea may have originated of the exiles returning from Persia, who wanted to skew how they [unintelligible] [unintelligible] to the people left behind.

Head the Jews here "aboriginal," they would have played this up, as it is in fact strengthena claim to Promised Land"

I also do not like his [unintelligible] of Psalms.

The take-away lesson? If you're going to write in a library book, do it intelligibly.


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