about: The companion mix for the utterly FABULOUS (no really, I can't recommend it enough, go read it IMMEDIATELY) Naruto Space Pirate AU, Space Piracy: Lessons in Love, Ass-Kicking and Instant Ramen at [livejournal.com profile] bigbangttebayo.

Ninjas IN SPACE! Join Soragakure's pirate ship captain, Uzumaki Naruto and his crew of misfits on an epic adventure, spanning whole galaxies as they fight to gain control of a viciously dangerous viral mainframe, parts of which are contained in the partly-cyborg bodies of nine men and women all over the known universe. Enemies become friends and friends become something more in a frantic race to outrun the unscrupulous Akatsuki organisation and the corrupt Alliance of space cities and steal a weapon that may mean the end of creation as they know it.

{No spoilers, except for how ridiculously fun this fic is}

∂ ∅ ∂

∅ 1 ∅ The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything ∂ Relient K
we just stay at home, and lie around
and if you ask us, to do anything
we'll just tell you, we don't do anything

∅ 2 ∅ One Day, Robots Will Cry ∂ Cobra Starship
I know I'm like a machine.
but I still have dreams.

∅ 3 ∅ Run Run Run ∂ Maki Otsuki
Kakedashita kimochi tsukamaetakute
Jibun sae mou oikoshite yuku yo

I wanted to catch the running feeling
I even outrun my own self

∅ 4 ∅ Peace & Love, Inc. ∂ Information Society
If you've got to believe in something
Believe in us we make it easy

∅ 5 ∅ We Own the Sky ∂ M83
It's coming from the sky
It's coming from the wind

∅ 6 ∅ Falling for the First Time ∂ Barenaked Ladies
I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser
I'm so smart, too bad I can't get anything figured out

∅ 7 ∅ Satellite ∂ Anna Nalick
I'm wishing on a two-way radio
Love might be just like me

∅ 8 ∅ Everybody Wants Me ∂ The Pigeon Detectives
Cos everybody wants me
Everybody wants me
Everybody wants me now

∅ 9 ∅ Don't Be Discouraged ∂ Megumi Hayashibara
Don't you forget watashi ga iru koto
DOJI mo aikyou to waratte
I don't forget anata ga iru koto
bukiyou na ai de tsuyoku nareru yo

Don't you forget that I'm here
please laugh at my clumsiness as a part of my sweetness
I don't forget that you're here
we can become stronger through this clumsy love

∅ 10 ∅ If Not Now When ∂ Color Theory
As we stand here toe to toe
If you kiss me now I’ll know
That our happiness is just a matter of permission

∅ 11 ∅ Mean Thoughts & Cheap Shots ∂ The Rocket Summer
Well now I'll try my best
And you will be with me to never second-guess
And we will show the world
Just how we passed this test

∅ 12 ∅ When You Look At Me ∂ Christina Milian
Better guess again
Tell me what you see

∅ 13 ∅ Challengers ∂ The New Pornographers
We were the challengers of
The unknown
"Be safe" you say

∅ 14 ∅ The End of the World ∂ Martina Sorbara
But I've got a good Imagination
And I could be contented here
It's as good a place as any other
You're my only desired destination

∅ 15 ∅ Glad to be Alive ∂ Cowboy Mouth
Nothing ever goes as planned
Get your head out of your hands
Scream and shout like you were five
Are you glad to be alive?

[Full ZIP with art]

Did I say that you should read that fic? Because you should. Right now. GO.
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From: [personal profile] ailelie

You used 'If Not Now, When'! *loves that song* The rest look promising as well. I know nothing about Naruto, but I might have to steal this mix.
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From: [personal profile] gloss

Your mix looks great and so does the fic! ♥_____♥


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