I have a cat that needs a good home. Artie is a 2 year old male (neutered, all his shots), white with a tabby helmet and saddle, and he's the most loving cat you will ever meet. We brought him from Florida on the assumption that my parents can take him in but what with the upheaval of trying to move and the recent death of their other cat, their current cat is not amenable to that situation.

Because of this he is in dire need of a good home. My mother is telling me she wants him out within a week or two, so we need to find him a home as soon as possible. He's really a sweetheart, very playful and used to small apartments and other cats. He also is good with children! :D?

For anyone wondering, he's currently a little confused and needy, what with being locked in a room away from my parents' cat, but happy and lovey towards anyone willing to give him attention. He's being a real trooper about the whole situation.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you or someone you know can take him, let me know ASAP. Either here or via e-mail at ryuutchi @ gmail . com

Even if you don't know someone, boost the signal so we can find someone. PLEASE.

Once again, if you or someone you know is willing to take him, either comment here or e-mail me at ryuutchi @ gmail . com
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