It's Yuletide time! And despite general wank all over the place, I'm excited!

Welcome to my Yule letter/pimp post!

[General Guidelines]


Basically-- if you're writing fic for me, I love you. I'm going to be happy, just to be able to share my squee.

You'll notice I throw a lot of ideas out-- feel free to take one, take many, take none. I always have fifteen billion ideas floating around, and I know how hard it can be to settle on something once the assignments come in. So I'm offering options, just to give you an idea of what's going on in my head.

Other General Info:

I like: Plot, adventures, banter and dry humor, nerdly things like zombie apocalypses and NPR, over the top AUs, power-play, gen, slash, femslash, het, any rating under the sun (for violence OR sex), interesting narrative voices and/or concepts

I don't like: Deathfic, gratuitous angst, character-bashing, introspective character pieces

My journal can be found at both LJ and DW, but they're mainly mirrors of each other.

THE REQUEST: Dragon Prince - Melanie Rawn (Andry)
So, I sort of love Andry. Like, in a way that is totally unhealthy. I recognize that within the series Andry is really not a Nice Guy at all, but I feel like a lot of it stems from lack of healthy communication with anyone. I also like his awful relationship with Pol, and his deeply dependent relationship with his brother, and I really like something focusing on the tensions of Andry's relationships. I mean, if you WANT to write about him writing out and battling sorcerers and teaching himself magic and time traveling to meet Lady Merisel, I won't complain, either, though.

Okay, so I have to note that I think this series is the cheesiest fantasy series in the WORLD and in a lot of ways it's one of my first nostalgia fandoms. If you haven't read them, they are kind of ridiculously long, but they're quick reads despite that, and silly in the way that "adult fantasy" that takes itself way too seriously can be.

I want to say "if this wasn't the matched fandom you should go out and read them right the fuck now', but I really can't unless you enjoy ridiculous high fantasy novels about politics and a dude who's the prince of a desert and some people who chat via sunlight rather than cell phones. And there's magic in there somewhere. And a LOT of politics. There's a reason that almost every used book store I have ever walked into has one or more books from this series. It's full of cheese.

That said, I kinda asked for a semi-serious story about interpersonal tensions. But if you want to run with the "it's cheesy fantasy" and want to write about Andry rescuing princesses or something silly and fairy tale-ish, I say get down with your nerd self and run with it.

THE REQUEST: Nurarihyon no Mago (Any) I have many many many pairings for this series that I love-- Rikuo/Zen, Tamazuki/Inugami, Yura/Hana, Yuki-Onna/Shima... Rikuo/Zen is one of my favorites, for all that it's pretty much the most obvious BL pairing ever anywhere. I like the idea of Rikuo, who's so young and small (most of the time), being the strong one and Zen, who acts cocky and know-it-all, being subordinate and weak and sick. And okay, I just... really like Inugami, okay? Like, a lot. And that scene in the anime where he's crawling all over Tamazuki is kind of very blatant about how intimate their relationship is. Yura is protective of Hana and mmmm, femslash. And Shima's just... he doesn't get enough love at all. If none of this appeals AT ALL, feel free to write something gen about Rikuo and the Night Parade fighting demons or going and staying in a haunted house or something. Ghosts stories are ALWAYS cool. (Please note-- I've only watched the anime, so while I know some of the manga-specific stuff, anything based on manga-only characters and event will go STRAIGHT over my head.)

Do you think I rambled enough in my official request? I picked "Any" for this fandom because I just couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted. There are so many characters, and I love most of them. And, again, if you don't want to write pairing-driven fic, I like horror stories and gen fantasy and creepypasta, so anything scary and gen would also work.

If you haven't read the manga or watched the anime-- I should warn you that it's a mildly derivative shounen anime. I love it to death, with all its references to Japanese ghost stories and demons, and a lot of touching on dual-personality shounen tropes like Rurouni Kenshin, and characters who are all very interesting-- the young female exorcist (who is surprisingly good at her job) who makes friends with the eldest youkai without meaning to, and the Intrepid Human Ghost-Hunter, and all of the other awesome characters. It's worth giving the first couple of episodes a watch, in my opinion, especially if you enjoy Japanese media.

THE REQUEST: October Daye Series (Connor, Tybalt, Luidhaeg) Yeah, a weird group of characters request, right? This is sort of a "Toby's boyfriends have issues" request. Preferably I'd like a fic about the missing months in the middle of the most recent book that explores all of the adventures Toby's boyfriends went on to drag her on back home. But really, any combination of that group grousing at each other, or going on adventures of any kind, for any reason. Especially with lots of banter and Tybalt being smug and the Luidhaeg being smug AND dangeorus, and Connor being all "why am I trapped with these crazy people?"

Sooo, yeah. Toby is my go-to gal for serious adventures with snark, and that's what I want most from any fic about that universe. I don't expect there to be shippiness in it-- although you can write any of those three with Toby in any combination, if you like and I'm not going to be upset!-- but mostly I'm looking forward to dry humor and adventures with the fae here. Like with NuraMago, ghost stories or horror stories are also welcome!

If you haven't read the October Daye series... why the fuck not? It's about the only paranormal mystery series with a female protagonist that's not about her sex life. It's like someone gave Harry Dresden a clue, some faerie blood and a pair of tits. Seriously, it's an awesome book series, and I can read them really quickly-- there lots of fun, so you just don't want to put them down. Even if you don't write this fandom for me, I'll still suggest you find the books and read them.

THE REQUEST: ZombiePowder (Any) So, this series really didn't go anywhere, but I love it anyway. I love it foreeeever. Mainly, I want either a continuation of the storyline with the four main characters, and blowing shit up and doing shounen hero-y things, or Gamma and C.T. Smith being vaguely gay and fight-y in the way the shounen heroes tend to be. With shit blowing up. I think this is a series that really calls for lots of shit blowing up and people fighting.

Yeah, what is says on the tin. I wouldn't cry if you worked in some shounen-hero-HoYay between CT and Gamma, but mostly I just want shounen-y action sequences, some vague semblance of a plot, and shit blowing up.

If you haven't read it-- if you like Bleach, or even just think the art is kinda cool looking, it's worth a read. ZombiePowder was Kubo's series before Bleach and he stopped writing after four volumes because he got bored and started working on Bleach. There's very little explained, and absolutely no resolution, but that makes it fun to fill in the gaps.

I hope that helps some, dear yulewriter. If you have any more questions, feel free to stalk my journal.
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