My tickets to San Francisco for the Yaoicon season have been acquired! I will be coming in on Wednesday the 27th and leaving Wednesday, the 3rd. In between I will undoubtedly be going to Yaoicon, spending the rest of the time packing, going to restaurants, packing, eating street food, packing, and packing.

If anyone wants to hang out outside of Yaoicon. I am totally cool with making the time. ([profile] notrafficlights? You're not going to the con, right?)

Also, Iz and I have bid our panels for this year. No word on scheduling yet, but the panel descriptions are below.

(Internalized) Misogyny and Yaoi
She dies a horrible death in the first chapter, she can't figure out her husband and his "best friend", or she's found disgusting, too "soft and womanly." She's too much a yamatonadeshiko, a Mary Sue, or she's too tsundere. She's the female character, the wife, the girlfriend, the love interest or any woman who might possibly look at one of the pair with maybe some kind of emotion. Going on three years, this panel will discuss the more obvious problematic elements (death/rape) and the smaller, more glossed over aspects (the feminization of one of the male partners and correlation between that and his rape or subordinate status in the relationship) of misogyny in the world of yaoi.

The Limits of Online Fandom
We used to mail out fanzines. Then we used e-mailing lists. Now there are bulletin boards, archives, and the journaling sites-- oh, the journaling sites. Amidst increasing fears about Livejournal's privacy functionalities and their reliance on ONTD, many fans are jumping ship to Dreamwidth. And then there's the Archive of Our Own, which debuted last year at Christmas-- Join us to discuss the overarching concerns for further online interactions between fans to infinity and BEYOND.

Yaoi Pre-Yaoicon
Yaoicon is in its tenth year already. But yaoi existed as a genre, and as a subgenre of fandom for years before the con even debuted. So come for a round of nostalgia and we'll talk about Kizuna, Ai no Kusabi, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi and all those other shows we watched on scratchy VHS tapes or terrible Hong Kong sub DVDs before we even knew what "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" even meant.

Don't Call Me A Sidekick: The Women of Yaoi
Yaoi, by its very nature, focuses most of its attention on the men who love other men, sometimes to the neglect of their awesome lady co-stars. However, that doesn't mean that we don't love the ladies! In this panel, we'll lavish some love on the wonderful women who sometimes support our favorite guys and sometimes just outshine them.

As we did last year, we're asking for a two-hour time slot for the Misogyny panel-- although there's no guarantee we'll get it, two hours is definitely a better amount of time.

And, as always, if anyone has any comments, suggestions, questions or links that we can use to make the panels better or more well-rounded, they are appreciated.
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