I'm sorry if the idea that someone could be "naturally fat" makes you feel like I'm telling you that you, personally, can never lose weight (even though I wasn't talking to you). I'm sorry if you must insist that being fat is always unnatural because that's the only way you can convince yourself that you could some day not be fat. I understand that the Fat Acceptance concepts like "dieting never works" can feel defeatist when weight loss is your goal.

I am not your doctor, after all. I cannot tell you if you have a thyroid problem, or whether you are binge eating in an unhealthy way. All I can tell you is that every single person in my family is fat, and the only ones who aren't fat severely restrict their diet (or, in the case of my mother's teenage years, take speed). If you think that being genetically predisposed to fatness in a family that is genetically predisposed to fatness (or being genetically predisposed to fatness in a family that is only partially or NOT AT ALL predisposed to fatness, for that matter) does not make you naturally inclined to be fat-- and thus, well, Naturally Fat, you're wearing blinders because you, personally, do not want to believe that bodies might sometimes choose to be fat because that body happens to hold onto fat for whatever reason.

And maybe someone who has a slow metabolism, or a medical condition or genetic predisposition can slim down if they really, really really try. (I did mention the restricted eating and the drugs, right?) And maybe the fact that people CAN do it if they really, really really try means that the body didn't really want to be fat in the first place. Except that the fact that someone has to go through all of that trouble-- and probably continue to do it constantly for the rest of their lives-- means that the new state-- the state you have to work at-- is the unnatural state.

I'm not saying you shouldn't if you feel its better for your body for whatever reason. I'm not saying it's impossible to do. I'm saying that bodies come in many shapes and sizes, and their shapes and sizes are natural. Someone who is fat is naturally fat. We are not barbies popped out molds with edges that need to be sanded down. We are human beings, and as such, our bodies are tricky things. Some of them like holding onto fat. Some of them like being fat. Sometimes we don't like them being fat but our opinions don't change our body's inclinations all the time-- just like not wanting to be near-sighted doesn't stop someone from being nearsighted, and not wanting to be short doesn't stop someone from being short. Just because there are ways to change it doesn't mean your body has stopped being inclined to look at the world in a particular way.

Never mind, I give up. I'm going to sleep.
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